Self-Development Key Strategy for Achieving Success

Self Development – Most individuals build self-development capabilities through education, mentorship, expert assistance, and various other activities to increase their personal potential. Knowing and understanding effective strategies that are suitable for increasing your personal capacity can help you to achieve success in the future.

What is self-development ability?

Self-development is a quality and ability that can help you to grow both personally and professionally. In another sense, self-development is a collection of abilities that can help you lead to progress towards goodness.

Why is self-development important?

Self-development abilities have an important role because these abilities can help you to create a strategy and tactical plan for personal and even professional self-development in order to achieve the expected goals. This can help you to hone your abilities when these various abilities are applied in everyday life and used to achieve personal and professional goals, career development, increase talents and abilities, improve yourself, and seek self-fulfillment and satisfaction.

How to improve self-development abilities

Self-development is a process that continues over time. Here are 7 ways to improve this ability:

1. Face the fear that exists

Fear can be an obstacle for you to grow and develop. For example, if you have a fear of speaking in front of a public audience, you can face that fear by taking and joining a public speaking training class to help you become more courageous in speaking in front of many people.

2. Reading to improve self-development abilities

Through reading activities, you can deepen your knowledge, increase your vocabulary mastery, and keep yourself connected to new information. Good reading methods can also help to stimulate the mind and help you to have critical thinking skills. Also check out easy tips for understanding the contents of the book easily. 

3. Learn various new things

Continue to be hungry to learn new things either independently or in a class. For example, maybe you can join to take foreign language classes, use applications, or even deepen your writing skills. Apart from that, attending seminars and forums can also be a medium that can provide you with many new things.

4. Be open to constructive criticism and input

In the process of increasing your capacity, you need various points of view from other people to see how far you have progressed. You can ask family members, friends, colleagues, even your boss for input, suggestions, criticism that can help you to see more deeply the progress you have made. Use the positive things from the various responses to help you improve your abilities.

5. Network of relationships for self-development

The more often you interact with people, the more new ideas you can learn. Apart from that, by interacting with other people, you can also find out effective strategies for communicating and even working together with people who have different personalities from yours.

6. Keep taking notes and writing

Writing various monthly, weekly and even daily notes can help you to increase your self-awareness and provide material for reflection on activities, experiences and decisions that have been made in the past.

7. Look for a mentor

Finding and having a mentor who can help identify ways to make it easier for you to develop yourself is a very effective way. A mentor can come from someone with an academic or professional background who is already an expert in their field.


Everyone definitely has advantages in various fields according to their talents and interests. Moreover, no single individual has advantages and strengths in all fields. Having strengths along with weaknesses makes each individual unique.

It is very important to have a good ability to understand and comprehend analytical skills and self-identification to achieve a goal of success. Furthermore, self-development is not talking about results, but focusing on the process you have gone through.

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