Pengertian Self Development, Manfaat dan Cara Membangun

Self-Development – How do you build good self-development? Check out the review! 

For those of you who don’t want to be stuck there, doing self-development is something that is mandatory for you. Self development can improve your skills and quality to become a better person.

Self-development is not only carried out for work purposes, but also in various ways, such as attitudes and emotions. Therefore, it is important for you to do introspection accompanied by self-development. How to?  Check it out !

What is Self Development?

Self-development is a strategy or method that is practiced and attempted by individuals to develop self-perception, potential, talents, skills and abilities. The goal is to improve personality and quality of life.

Self development is one of the keys to developing the quality of life and self. In other words, individuals who implement personal development try to improve and change the quality of their personality and life.

Each individual certainly has their own perspective in explaining “quality of life”. Some interpret and consider it from a spiritual and financial perspective. This is because every individual has been and is at a different level of personal development. so their development needs are also different.

There are individuals who need personal development related to careers such as job positions and so on. Then there are those who need personal development related to their abilities and talents, such as  public speaking , arts or sports. Then there are also those who need it in terms of their finances or financial situation.

Difference between Self Development and Self Improvement

Then, what is the difference between self-development and self-improvement? The two terms are almost the same. However, secondly

Self  means the unique characteristics or integrity of an individual. Then,  development  means a process in which an individual or something grows or becomes more advanced. Meanwhile, improvement is making something better.

In short, self-development is an individual’s effort for “personal development,” while self-improvement is an individual’s effort for “personal improvement.” As can be seen from the brief explanation above, these two words have similar but not the same meanings and tend to be related. So what is the relevance of the two?

Self improvement or self development is a form of method or process which, when applied to individuals, leads to a common goal or target for the progress and development of individuals to become the best version of themselves.

How to Build Self Development

Self-development is the responsibility of each individual. The desire to develop will only exist within oneself. However, you might be able to apply some of these methods to start self-development.

  1. Develop self-awareness.
  2. Continuously improve abilities.
  3. Have a clear life goal.
  4. Build relationships by socializing.
  5. Not afraid to accept criticism.

Example of Self Development

Self-development can be done in various ways. One example is getting out of your comfort zone and so on. So, some examples of self-development are as follows.

  1. Carrying out self-development by increasing self-confidence.
  2. Develop yourself by knowing, accepting and understanding yourself.
  3. Implementing self-development by improving lifestyle.
  4. Develop yourself through a high level of awareness.
  5. Self-development can be done by increasing relationships.

Self Development Book Recommendations

To support and provide motivation for self-development, you can read the following book references.

  1. Becoming a Resilient Person by Haidir Mustafa.
    This book is here to provide encouragement for those of you who easily give up and think about giving up when failure comes.
  2. Chicken Soup for the Soul: Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone
    This book by Amy Newmark will help you face your fears and dare to get out of your comfort zone. So, you can become a more developed and grateful person.
  3. Atomic Habits: Small Changes That Give Extraordinary Results
    This New York bestseller book by James Clear provides an inspiring story about a respected scientist and CEO. This book is filled with stories about good habits that can change your perspective for the better.

So, that’s a review of what self-development is, examples, how to build it and book recommendations that can help you in your efforts to develop yourself. For a better life, don’t hesitate to develop your abilities!

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