Come on, try self-development to explore your potential which is useful for your career!

Self-Development – We cannot close our eyes, competition in the world of work is now getting tougher. Now we are not only competing between humans, but we are also competing with machines. Plus now the world of work embraces hustle culture . Only those who are able to carry out self-development can have the opportunity to achieve their dream career.

Self-development enables us to bring out our best potential which can make us stand out from other candidates. So have you ever done it?

What is Self Development

Self-development is a process carried out by a person to shape a person’s potential, talents, attitudes, behavior and personality in order to fulfill the need for self-actualization so that they can compete and have better quality.

Self-development is also known as personal development. You don’t get things related to self-development at school but get it from various activities that can hone your talents and skills or also from other activities.

Personal Development Goals

Self-development aims to enable us to adapt to developments in the work environment. Some of the goals of self-development include:

  1. Providing opportunities for ourselves to develop and express our potential.
  2. Updating our abilities , skills and knowledge according to existing developments.
  3. Increase personal productivity at work
  4. Helping us to face the rapid changes in the world of work.
  5. Shaping us into professional individuals at work.


Reasons Why Self-Development is Useful for Your Career

Self-development can be a means for you to get your dream job, a means of promotion and various other benefits for us as individuals.

With self-development our abilities increase and this will enrich our CV. Apart from that, increasing our abilities can also improve our quality of work. Apart from that, there are also other benefits of self-development to support your career.


1. Get out of your comfort zone

Have you ever felt like your life is just like that, every day you wake up in the morning, go to work, go home, go back to sleep? If so, this could mean you are stuck in your comfort zone. This comfort zone keeps us from going anywhere, because we only do the same things every day. With self-development, you will be forced to get out of the same habits and in the end you will grow into a more potential individual.


2. More Confident

The self-development that you have done today has a big positive impact and will influence the daily activities that we do. You become more confident because you feel you have developed a lot from who you were yesterday.

You grow into an individual who masters your field of work, so there is no longer any fear of being questioned by the boss because you are not able to do your job well. In the end, you become a worker who has more value in the eyes of your boss, so they don’t hesitate to increase your salary.


3. Know the priority scale

With self-development, your knowledge and abilities will increase. It will also be easier for you to manage your time to do all your tasks. So you can classify which jobs should be prioritized and which can be done later.

No more overtime or working like a horse, you can use the time you have apart from work to actualize yourself by doing various activities that you like.


How to Develop Your Potential

Here are ways to develop your potential to support your work that you can try.


1. Know Yourself

How to develop your potential begins with knowing yourself. Getting to know yourself sounds simple but it turns out it’s not that easy. To get to know yourself, try writing down two or more things that are your weaknesses and strengths.

Finding strengths is definitely easier than weaknesses, so try to think about the answer. You can also ask for help from those closest to you to find out what your weaknesses really are.

Knowing yourself is important so you can have an assessment of your skills and performance. Apart from that, you can also find out what challenges and obstacles you actually face to support your work. For example, it turns out that you have a weakness in time management, that means you have to start learning to set priorities.


2. Find Interests 

Second, try to find out what interests you. Can the skills you currently have really support you in getting the job you like? Or is your current job a job you like? How does the job match your interests?

Many people don’t know what they are interested in, this could be because they listen too much to what people around them say. In fact, by recognizing what interests us, this can help us know what work we should pursue.

That way, your chances of getting a job can be greater or you can also find out whether your current job is right or not.


3. Know and Stop Bad Habits

Bad habits can have a negative impact on our work. Therefore, before it’s too late, try to realize what your bad habits are and try to eliminate them slowly.

For example, your bad habit is that you like to put off work, so that when you are at work you are overwhelmed and confused about what to do first, which means you have to get rid of this habit because in the world of work, this kind of attitude can be detrimental to the company.

Try to eliminate it slowly, of course if you do it consistently the habit will disappear and be replaced by a new positive habit and you will become a more productive person.


4. Keep Learning

Most people think why study, they already have their diploma in hand. No! The learning process is not only at school. Learning is a form of investment in yourself that allows you to compete in the world of work.

By continuing to learn, you will know what potential you can develop. You can also improve your skills according to what is needed by the current world of work. Learning today is not expensive, there are many sources that we can use to learn. You can use various platforms to increase your knowledge and skills.

For example, if you are a marketing staff or really want to become a marketing staff, you need to increase your skills to be able to promote products digitally, or learn how to make attractive power points for presentation material to potential customers.


5. Find a Mentor

So that you will be more enthusiastic and know how to carry out self-development properly. Try finding a mentor. This mentor can be your boss, or your friend. Ask them about your work or abilities so far and how to develop them.


6. Try to Start Learning New Things

Don’t be easily satisfied with the skills you have now. With technology developing so quickly, it is possible that the skills you have now will no longer be suitable in the future. For that, try to learn new things.

For example, you can learn a foreign language so you can work in a multinational company, or you can also learn Excel formula skills, and so on.


7. Not afraid of failure

Failure is part of the risk of self-development because we are in the process of becoming a better person. So don’t be afraid to fail if you want to develop your potential, when you encounter obstacles, don’t give up.

Motivate yourself by remembering what goals you want to achieve for your future career.

Examples of Self-Development

A wise man once said, success is when opportunity meets preparation. So it is impossible for us to be successful by just hoping for opportunities but not having preparation.

That’s why you need to do self-development to increase the best potential that exists in you. It’s not difficult, you can try the following examples of self-development.


1. Take a course or workshop

Taking a course or workshop is an example of self-development that you can do. Nowadays it is not difficult to find courses or workshops, there are various platforms that provide them. The costs are also more affordable.

By taking courses you can update your skills and find out what other skills you can hone that can support your work. The course also trains your ability to communicate in front of many people you don’t know.


2. Join a Community

The community is very profitable, you can do positive activities. You can also build relationships with existing people and learn new things from them.

Joining a community is also a good example of self-development if you have always been shy and have difficulty interacting in social environments. In the community you will meet many people with different backgrounds but who share the same vision as you.


3. Try to Look for Challenges

Another example of self-development is by looking for challenges. The trick is not to be complacent. Challenge yourself to move further than today.

Make targets to forge yourself, this will challenge you to do everything. But make sure the target is realistic and in line with your abilities.

Don’t set targets that are beyond your abilities, this doesn’t make you grow, it actually makes you suffer. If you want to increase your target, try to do it gradually according to your abilities.


4. Improve Interpersonal Skills 

This is related to the abilities that exist within you. There are many personal abilities that you can hone and sharpen, for example leadership, problem solving, as well as knowledge about the career you are pursuing.

It is also important to increase self-awareness, this means that you know and are good at assessing needs and problems that arise.

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