4 Tips for Exploring Your Potential during the Pandemic

Self – Development – The self-quarantine period due to the Covid-19 pandemic has become a time for many people to explore their hidden potential. The following tips for exploring your potential can help you in  your career.

Everyone definitely has potential within themselves that is different from one another. By recognizing one’s potential, life can be more developed in achieving whatever you want.

Your potential can also be the main path that leads you to find the right career.

Dandelion House Psychologist Nadya Pramesrani shared several tips for exploring your own potential in a webinar with HiLo, some time ago, as follows.

1. Getting Started

Discover your potential by getting started. Start from even the smallest things. If managed well, even the most trivial things can become something valuable.

“Start with whatever items you have at home. Start with the first thing that comes to mind. Start with whatever you find on social media. Anyway, just start ,” said Nadya.

2. Try

Once you’ve started and found an interesting idea, try putting it into practice a few times. The reason is, someone will gain richer learning and evaluation skills about their own abilities after going through several experiences.

“Don’t just try once, fail, then be lazy and not try again,” said Nadya.

3. Give an assessment

At this stage, a person is asked to think reflectively. Reflective thinking means bringing meaning and evaluation to whatever you are trying to do.

Nadya also advises you to identify all the emotions present and understand what makes these emotions appear.

“If it turns out you feel comfortable, look for the answer why. Likewise, if you feel uncomfortable, identify the reason,” added Nadya.

4. Repeat

If you find that you like what you do, then keep repeating it. Repeat and explore your potential until it continues to grow.

“If you don’t like it, repeat again, look for another one until you find one that is comfortable,” said Nadya.

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