Here are 7 recommended activities that can be done for personal development

Here are 7 recommended activities that can be done for personal development

Self – Development – Every person has abilities that are not the same as each other. It’s just that sometimes the abilities that exist within a person are not realized and left to chance, so that their abilities are not utilized to the best of their ability.

Even though you have many abilities, if you don’t know them and never hone the potential that is within you, these abilities can be buried by themselves. So to prevent that from happening, try to find out your abilities and potential from now on.

After knowing your abilities and potential, do activities that support your personal development slowly. For this reason, understand more about the meaning of self-development, and what activities can be carried out in the self-development process. 

Definition of Self Development

Self-development is a process to train each person’s abilities, potential, talents and personality which can be developed through experience and learning to develop themselves. This experience is usually felt many times, which ultimately makes a person more able to rely on himself.

According to book sources such as Fanani , self-development is the process of developing all the potential that exists within oneself, by trying to improve cognitive and acting abilities, as well as improving good reasoning abilities which can be obtained through various activities.

Meanwhile, according to Marwawi , self-development is a process carried out to train abilities, talents, personal and emotional, so that they can develop continuously.

So self-development can be done independently to improve the abilities within oneself so that they can be put to good use in life such as the world of work. Continuously training your abilities in self-development will make you someone you can rely on.

The Goal of Personal Development

Every activity carried out must have a goal to be achieved, so that you can know the benchmark for whether something is being done or not. Self-development also has a goal, for someone has a target to achieve in the process of self-development.

The aim of self-development in general is to open up opportunities for each individual to develop themselves starting from increasing personal potential, talents, as well as the individual’s ability to live a social life, religion, and ability to solve problems. There are several other goals of self-development as follows:

  • To create individuals who can act professionally when interacting with other individuals, for example in work matters
  • Forming individuals who can problem solve every existing problem
  • Improving the quality of each individual
  • Can update the knowledge and abilities possessed by an individual

Benefits of Self Development

Benefits will always be obtained from positive activities carried out by an individual. Moreover, this activity is self-development which of course has many benefits after the activity is carried out well. The following are the benefits of doing self-development :

  • Increased self-motivation to do various things according to your abilities
  • Increase self-confidence
  • Make an individual able to make wise decisions
  • Abilities will be properly recognized, especially in the world of work
  • Makes an individual more independent

7 Recommendations for Personal Development Activities

Below are 7 recommended activities that can be carried out for self-development:

1. Study hard according to your abilities

The first self-development activity can be learning according to one’s abilities. This can be started by identifying your own strengths and weaknesses, strengths and weaknesses. If you already know what abilities you have, study them well and take part in various activities according to your abilities. For example, if you have the ability to recognize someone’s character, you can start in-depth learning about how to recognize character well.

2. Education

When you have discovered your own abilities, apart from learning independently in the process of self-development, you can also enter the world of education that suits your abilities. As in the example above, if you have the ability to recognize someone’s character, then try to enroll in a psychology major when you go to college. That way, your abilities will be more honed and trained, so that they can be put to good use.

3. Attend seminars and workshops that discuss personal development

Many seminars are held online, making it easier for you to take part in seminars in the process of self-development. Seminars are usually held to share various information, including discussions about self-development which you can find on social media.

By attending seminars, you will meet new people and build relationships so you can share tips for each individual’s self-development.

4. Planning the Future

Starting to plan your future can also help in the process of self-development. You should not be fixated on things in the past that could hinder the process of developing yourself to become better. That way, planning and planning your future properly can help you develop yourself.

5. Manage your lifestyle well

If you have a bad lifestyle, now is the time for you to change that. Adjust your lifestyle, starting from exercising diligently, eating at the right time, sleeping according to your needs, and increasing your knowledge. This will spur self-development, because self-development is not only an activity to improve abilities, but also to improve an individual’s personality.

6. Building Interpersonal Relationships

Interpersonal relationships are the relationship between an individual and another individual. These relationships between individuals can influence a person’s personal development, therefore you can start looking for friends who can have a positive impact on you and are also willing to be invited to develop yourself together.

7. Beautify yourself

Beautifying oneself is one of the activities that can encourage a person’s self-development. By beautifying yourself to look good and attractive, you can increase a person’s self-confidence. That feeling of self-confidence will lead you to continue to develop.

If so, you already know that self-development is important in every individual’s life. Activities in the self-development process are not difficult to do, so start doing various activities that can encourage your self-development!

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